Company Profile
Divamics Inc. is a solution provider that features artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics and molecular simulation algorithms as its core technologies, and empowers the development of drugs through simulation. 
The company has developed a new generation of drug discovery and development platform based on multi-scale molecular dynamics combined with innovative algorithms, providing various computational and simulation services, including but  are not limited to highly flexible target modelling, target druggability analysis, macromolecule and small molecule drug  structural screening, design, optimization, etc., and especially to provide molecular mechanism explanation, de novo drug molecule structure design and optimization solutions for the so-called “undraggable” targets. The company was awarded Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Leadership Project at the beginning of its establishment, and was approved for the Suzhou Gusu Leadership Talent Project in 2022. One of the company’s core algorithms, the MovableType free energy algorithm, has been acknowledged and recommended by Roald Hoffman, the 1981 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. So far, Divamics has been collaborating with a number of domestic and overseas biotech and pharmaceutical companies in over 20 pipelines and has obtained many breakthrough results.  
Our Vision
Our Vision

Proposing a molecular design paradigm and overcoming the challenges of new drug design for undruggable targets

Who we are

Drug Discovery Solution Provider based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Our Mission

Applying our comprehensive  understanding of protein structure and flexibility to drug discovery in a dynamic environment 

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