Why  Divamics

With our exceptional simulation capabilities and advanced expertise, we offer first-time-right deliveries to save you both time and money in your early-stage drug discovery projects

Master interdisciplinary expertise to advance your drug discovery projects

  • ​With our mastery interdisciplinary expertise in multiple drug-discovery-related fields, we established our exceptional drug discovery platform based on Molecular Dynamics simulation and deep learning.

  • By simulating the drug-target interactions and elucidating the molecular mechanism, we offer effective solutions to the bottleneck problems in your drug discovery project and add value at any stage from target identification to Preclinical Candidate Compound conformation to advance your drug discovery projects.

Client-centric and agile services and partnering mode to fit the clients’ need

  • ​​Our collaborative projects vary from a few days to long-term engagements, tailored to your time and budget requirements for customized service solutions.

  • Versatile delivery options tailored to your R&D workflow – from fee-for-service to milestone schedules.、

  • Research projects evolve rapidly, and our agile approach means we swiftly adjust, holding meetings as needed to align with your research's strategic direction.

Professional Service and Collaboration Standards

  • ​​Confidentiality of Results: Ensuring the security and confidentiality of project outcomes.

  • Deliverables: Providing standardized delivery processes including analysis reports and raw trajectory files.

  • ​​​​Intellectual Property Ownership: Client ownership of intellectual property or IP sharing for partnering projects.

  • ​Post-delivery Support: Offering post-delivery explanations of computational and medicinal chemistry design results, along with supplementary materials such as dynamic visuals as needed by the client.

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