Stratages Coorparation |  LIDE and Divamics have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the integration of “BT + IT” and empower new drug development

On February 29, 2024, LIDE and Divamics held a strategic cooperation project kick-off meeting at LIDE, for accelerating the integration of “BT + IT” and empowering new drug research and development. The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Danyi Wen,n, PhD, Chairman and CEO of LIDE and  John Zheng, PhD, the CEO of Dicamics .

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The two companies will give full play to their respective strengths in the field of new drug discovery and development. Two companies will combine their strengths to build a new generation of AI drug discovery and development platform based on LIDE' innovative functional assay combined with Omics' multi-omics analytical platform, fused with the multi-dimensional molecular dynamics of Divamics combined with the innovative AI algorithms. They identify and validate new tumor therapeutic targets by using a reverse engineering approach and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models built from tumor samples of drug-resistant patients, followed by functional screening. This innovative approach combines Divamics' deep expertise in artificial intelligence with LIDE's extensive experience in precision medicine and drug evaluation services.


Divamics' advanced algorithms and powerful computational capabilities will provide strong support to both parties in their drug discovery studies. This support will optimize the screening process of the drug discovery pipeline and accelerate the target discovery and validation process. At the same time, LIDE's bioscientists will ensure that the identified targets have high clinical relevance and therapeutic potential.

Both parties believe that this collaboration will not only bring us breakthrough research results, but also provide more hope for patients who are battling cancer around the world. With our joint efforts, new therapeutic drugs will move faster from the lab to the market, helping patients to access more effective treatment options.


At Divamics Inc., we leverage the synergy of multi-scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation technology and Artificial Intelligence to advance our state-of-the-art “molecular movie” data and algorithm platform. Our trailblazing methodology uncovers the dynamic molecular mechanisms of complex biological systems, empowering us to decode the intricacies of drug discovery. We are dedicated to providing innovative drug discovery solutions for ‘undruggable’ targets, enriching your early-stage drug discovery pipeline with groundbreaking ideas, insights, and value.

Since our establishment in 2021, Divamics has partered with more than 20 esteemed global clients, engaging in over 30 drug discovery pipelines and projects. Our comprehensive computational chemistry services range from versatile target modeling and thorough target druggability analysis to precise drug structure screening, design, and optimization for small molecules, PROTACs, peptides, and XDC (extended drug conjugates). Our particular forte is in molecular mechanism analysis and the structural design and optimization for undruggable targets.

LIDE biotech

LIDE is dedicated to individualized precision medicine research, service and product development in oncology, providing pharmacological efficacy CRO service for pharmaceutical companies, and assisting doctors in clinical personalized precision medicine. LIDE has an AAALAC-accredited SPF laboratory animal center and advanced instrumentation. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries,  Shanghai Liwen Biotech Co. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Liwen”) and Xi'an Lide Biotech Co. (hereinafter referred to as “Xi'an Lide”). Shanghai Liwen and Xi'an Lide both have independently operated clinical medical laboratories.

Shanghai Liwen is committed to individualized tumor diagnosis and precision medicine as a third-party testing unit, and can provide molecular testing, pathology and companion diagnostics and other related services. The company has been certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and has the qualification of issuing FDA-approved data reports and the qualification of clinical laboratory.    

Xi'an Lide has an AAALAC-accredited SPF grade laboratory animal center and is also a public service platform for translational medicine in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone.

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LIDE and Divamics have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the integration of “BT + IT” and empower new drug development


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