Protein targets with a clear structure and clear action site account for only about 15% of human disease targets. About 85% of the remaining protein targets have no stable three-dimensional structure due to excessive flexibility, or the surface is flat and lacks drugable space, which are called "undruggable targets". Divamics focuses on the dynamic mechanism behind the changes in functional structure related to protein targets and physiological functions, revealing multiple key conformities in the process of target conformity, and the probability of the presence of various functional structures in the physiological environment. Application scenarios to empowerment include but not limited to:

Target modeling and mechanism elucidation

Full Process

  • Undruggable target protein modeling and optimization

              • Exploration of new binding sites for Undruggable targe proteins and discovery of hit compounds

  • Undruggable target protein and drug molecules binding/solving path exploration and machanism explanation

  •  Discovery of target protein allosteric binding sites and exploration of molecular pharmacodynamic mechanisms

  •  Polymers formation process combination/solution path exploration and machine explanation

  •  Construction of the advantages of intrinsically disordered protein (IDP) and drug molecules coexist with each other

Service advantages

  • Computational Chemistry Experts: Employing molecular dynamics simulations and computational chemistry platforms for rational drug design insights.

  • Medicinal Chemistry Specialists: Evaluate drug efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and other properties crucial for drug development.

  • Seasoned Project Management: PM with extensive early-stage project management experience, serving clients including 7 publicly listed companies, 2 US biotechs, and 1 Asia-Pacific biotech.

Service process

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