• Computational Chemistry Experts: Employing molecular dynamics simulations and computational chemistry platforms for rational drug design insights.

  • Medicinal Chemistry Specialists: Evaluate drug efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and other properties crucial for drug development.

  • Seasoned Project Management: PM with extensive early-stage project management experience, serving clients including 7 publicly listed companies, 2 US biotechs, and 1 Asia-Pacific biotech.

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Protac has become a popular direction for new drug discovery nowadays. Based on AI algorithm and molecular dynamics simulation, Divamics can rapidly generate multiple ternary complexes and their trajectories, and use multi-scale molecular dynamics and self-developed parallel sampling algorithm to assess stability from both thermodynamic and kinetic dimensions, which can rapidly identify stable conformations with high probability of occurrence. 

The protac design services provided include but are not limited to:

• Screening warhead and binder

• Linker design

• Ternary complexes dynamics modeling

• Assessment of the degradation activity of Protac molecules

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